Neuroscience now reveals that the events that happen in our life don’t happen to us. What? Instead it’s been clarified that our inner program (belief system) of our mind, is instead projected onto the events around us. This is what actually creates our own unique experience and interpretation of life.

Many of us are stuck in the notion that we need to do more, be more, have more, be liked more, in order to find happiness. But this ‘doing’ and ‘wanting’ just reinforces our deep seated belief that there is lack in our life. This all stems from our mind. Whereas others may be content in all that they have and therefore their life just seems to flow and happen with ease.

When I travelled to India earlier in life I was totally blown away by the joy and love that filled the many children playing and living in the slums. They had nothing in the material form, but in their minds they had EVERYTHING. It wasn’t until now that I completely understand why. The beliefs in their mind were exactly what they were experiencing and seeing in the world around them.

Whenever we are upset, instead of projecting and blaming others, we need to take 100% responsibility. We need to question the origin of our experience: our mind. We need to question the origin of our thoughts and beliefs.

How often do you hear of two people having the exact same experience, having the exact same conversations, but when asked to interpret the experience/event, there are two very differing views. This is so common. How is this possible?

We can only see events and experiences in the world around us through the lens of our mind. If our mind believes that we are not enough, not worthy, not safe, etc., our brain will then filter our experiences to reinforce these beliefs. We will only see what our brain believes. If we believe that we are loveable, safe, peaceful, etc., then these are the experiences that we will be part of and experience more of.

So how can we love everything that happens in our life? How can we see perfection in all that surrounds us? We first need to love ourselves unconditionally. We first need to see perfection in ourselves. This needs to become a knowing, not just a fleeting thought.

I recently read a story about the American Inventor, Thomas Edison. One night his factory that had contained all of his lifetimes work was burnt down. When he arrived at the scene of the flames he called to his friends to go and collect his wife and his children. When asked why he said “because they will never see a fire like this before.” “It’s all right, we have only just got rid of a pile of rubbish.”

This is very powerful, that in the moment of a perceived disaster and loss of all, Thomas Edison was able to see only good in the experience. This obviously reflected a very powerful belief system he had within.

Take a good look within. If you stay stuck and keep on thinking the same way, you will just continue to experience more of the same. If you begin to free yourself from your mind, you will begin to unravel bit by bit to a place of permanent peace.

You can only experience life from what is contained in your mind.

Namaste x