My mind used to rule my life and as a result I was stricken with worry and self-doubt on a daily basis. It wasn’t until I uncovered the unconscious aspect of my personality, that I really broke free.

From the moment I first heard this quote it had a profound impact on me and my life. It made me hungry to learn more and understand this at a deeper level.

The majority of our thoughts are just created as a result of our subconscious survival program (also referred to as our SHADOW). Our mind is often soooo busy and just runs on autopilot. This “chatter” brings about tremendous self-doubt and it questions and judges everything. It’s exhausting!!

If we don’t recognise that this internal talk is not who we really are (it’s just a program with the aim to keep us safe- TOO safe actually), it can be ever so consuming and anxiety provoking.

This internal chatter insists on being heard and it takes a lot of practice and will-power to quieten and shut it down.

But if we can navigate and master our internal world, our external world will completely shift. When we bring the light of awareness to our shadow, our life TRANSFORMS. We no longer have to pretend to be someone you’re not. We no longer have to prove you’re good enough. We no longer have to live in fear.

This mind chatter impacts every way we show up in this world and how we engage with the people around us. If the same program is constantly playing in the background, then life experiences just continue to happen on REPEAT.

Can you relate to this in any area of your life? In your relationships, your health, your work, finances, with your children.

If you are brave enough to look and befriend your hidden shadow, your life will change. You can then step into a more peaceful, fearless and easeful way of living. You will also begin to view life through a new lens.

Your brain is so plastic, so when we upgrade our brain, we can also upgrade our own capabilities too.

When we learn to use our brain differently, when we learn to harness it’s power instead of letting it rule us, our brain will actually change over time. It will begin to work for us.

Simple CONSCOUSNESS practices have the ability to restructure your brain in ways that no drug is able to do, and they are absolutely free…incredible!

Suffering is completely optional.

We have an amazing power to re-shape our experience.

With simple practices of meditation or by questioning our thoughts, we can open ourselves up to different perspectives that we weren’t able to see or access beforehand. And this is just the beginning!

You can access freedom of your mind and change your life in remarkable ways.

Please reach out if you would like guidance in unleashing your super powers and living life with greater freedom.

Much love,

Claire x