Would you run to the shops if you heard of a new PILL that would benefit your brain by increasing focus, improve your memory and reduce stress, anxiety and depression. A pill that could grow the beneficial grey matter in your brain, make you calmer, improve your emotional awareness and overall happiness. WOW, I WOULD. SIGN ME UP!!
Well I’m here to tell you, there’s no need to spend money on any expensive new medication……… You only need to sit still for approximately 3 minutesper day. The simple act of meditation can achieve these results!
But for some of us this is not so easy or seems just too hard. Behaviour change is the biggest challenge for most people. Taking time out to sit down and focus solely on one’s self, without any distraction, is often neglected and sometimes just seems too difficult. I know this from past experience. But once a practice is started and a habit is formed, many people report that they just can’t live without a daily meditation. To them it becomes essential. 
Therefore, I CHALLENGE you to perform a meditation practice everyday for 2 weeks. Set a reminder on your phone or set your alarm 5 minutes earlier each day. Dedicate time to give meditation a go. The Kundalini meditations that I have been outlining are perfect for those starting out and have trouble sitting still. The simple hand gestures and breath work are powerful in switching off those busy, active minds.

Do you perform a daily mediation practice? If so, what type of practice do you perform? 
Both myself and the readers would love to learn from you too 😊

This mediation is for protecting and making a commitment to oneself. It will help you to develop the strength and power to be more in control of your own experience.
Bring your hands out in front with your palms facing up. Bring your thumbs to touch the base of your little finger. Then make a fist over your thumb. Turning your fists in towards each other, touch the base of your palms and your little knuckles (see photo below). Bring this up to your heart center.
INHALE through your nose and EXHALE through pursed lips (lips like you are drinking from a straw). INHALE through your mouth and EXHALE through your nose. Maintain a slow and calm breath. Your gaze should be directed at the tip of your nose, so eyes become slightly closed and feel slightly crossed. REPEAT for 3-5 minutes. Sit for 1 minute after your practice to observe the effects. Enjoy!

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