Natural Insect Repellent

Are you heading away camping or having friends over for a BBQ and are worried about getting bitten by the dreaded Mozi?

Well instead of covering yourself, your food and your family with the toxic chemical cocktail that is found in DEET, why not try something new…..

It’s cheaper, completely natural, more effective and most likely found in your kitchen. Use coconut oil!

A recent study published in the Journal of Scientific Reports, stated that “fatty acids derived from coconut oil had long-lasting repellency against certain insects—an even better effect than the most widely-used insect repellent in the world.” 

“The research found that the coconut oil compound provided more than 90% repellency against mosquitoes, including the strain of mosquito responsible for transmitting the deadly Zika virus. It also out-lasted DEET against bed bugs and ticks, and by a wide margin. DEET was shown to work against these biting insects for around three days, whereas the natural fatty acids repelled ticks and bed bugs for a full fourteen days.”

Mother nature is so amazing!!! Why not switch to a healthier alternative today.

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