If something is out of balance in us as parents, chances are they will also be out of balance in our children. We are so intimately connected.

Children only learn what they live (or are exposed to). They only know what they know! Therefore, our children need us to be at our best. It’s our duty to provide them with positive experiences and lead by example.

If we show up daily with fear and anxiety, then our children will then learn to be scared.

If we deal with problems with conflict, blame and anger, then our children will deal with their problems this way too.

If we give up when we are faced with adversity, then our children won’t ever learn to fight for what they want.

However, the opposite is also true. For example, if we are calm and take the time to listen to and empathise with those around us, then our children will learn how to be patient and caring too.

If we express gratitude during challenges, then hopefully our children will learn to see their challenges in a positive light.

In order to give our children the greatest gift in life, we need to deeply observe ourselves. . This is where the real work begins! We need to inquire into our behaviours with compassion, empathy and non-judgement. Chances are our behaviours are learned too and are possibly habitual

What lessons have your children taught you today? If you look deep enough, the lessons are endless….