These little creatures, are such a prized food around the globe and for good reason. They are such a nutrient powerhouse.

Oysters are mother natures best source of the trace mineral ZINC and many other nutrients.

Unlike the zinc found in grains and legumes (which contain a zinc binder; phytic acid), zinc in oysters is in a bioavailable form that is easily absorbed by the body.  Daily consumption of zinc rich foods is essential as the body DOES NOT store and reserve extra zinc.

Zinc is a mineral that is very important for your immune system, growth, cell division, the breakdown of carbohydrates, your metabolism, inflammation, fertility, brain health, taste, smell and much more.  

Iron and zinc interact competitively for intestinal absorption in the body. Therefore, if excess iron is being stored in the body, then zinc absorption is INHIBITED.

For this very reason, I generally do not recommend zinc supplementation for my clients.

Sourcing rich food sources is a much safer option.  But why?

Zinc supplementation results in the depletion of COPPER. If copper is depleted, this then results in storage of iron and an INABILITY to absorb adequate zinc.

Depletion of copper also prevents bio-available forms of iron to be accessed in the body too, resulting in anemia.

When was the last time you ate oysters?

How do you like to eat them?

Much love,

Claire x