With today’s sunshine and spring in the air, I decided to opt for a lighter lunch. Listening to our body’s nutritional requirements and cravings, enables us to nurture ourselves in the best way possible.

During winter, I crave warm comfort food; soups, casseroles, stews and herbal teas. Mother nature also provides us with lots of citrus, that are high in vitamin C. This is very important for strengthening our immune system and keeping us robust when faced with the winter lurgy’s.

During summer the foods that are available naturally protect us from sun damage; stone fruits rich in beta-carotenes and carotenoids. For our ancestors, the sweet summer fruits fuelled their bodies, gave them energy and would prepare their bodies for less produce and a state of famine during the winter months.

In spring my body is always ready for a cleanse. It craves lighter, fresh and more raw food.

Today I made one of my favourites; zoodles.

I used a spiralizer (you can also use a potato peeler)  and turned my zucchini into delicious noodles. These noodles can be eaten raw in a salad or lightly heated for a warmer meal.

They are a beautiful replacement for regular noodles, which is perfect for someone wanting to cut down their refined carbohydrate intake.

For lunch I mixed homemade pesto through these noodles and served it with diced snow peas, cherry tomatoes, olives, pinenuts and a dollop of cashew cheese on top. It was divine!

Do you enjoy zucchini noodles….. If so, how do you serve yours?