Our bodies truly are amazing!

The heart beats approximately 101,000 times a day and we take around 23,000 breaths. We feel thirst if the amount of water in our body decreases by 1%. We are ten times more bacteria than we are cells…. I could go on forever.

Unlike any machine, our body has the amazing ability to fix itself even after some parts have broken down. The connection between all of the various parts will never be fully understood.  However, what we do know is that these individual parts don’t ever work independently; they work together in a very intricate and complicated manner.

In modern medicine, much of the treatment focuses on the individual systems within the body (a reductionist approach). This fails to see the body as a whole. An example of this is the treatment of a patient suffering from depression. It is ludicrous to me that many doctors focus only on the brain. Only treating what they believe to be a chemical imbalance and giving a synthetic chemical to help fix the patient. Kelly Brogan, Women’s Health Holistic Psychiatrist, believes that; “depression is a manifestation of irregularities in the body that often starts far away from the brain and is not associated with so called chemical imbalances.”  

This makes so much sense!

Many practitioners continue to break the body down into smaller components (the reductionist approach). If we only focus on one area, we may miss out on treating and understanding the major connections and interplay between the many systems and organs within the body. Again, using the example of depression, there is a well-known connection and communication between the gut, the vagus nerve, our brain and mental health. So, by focusing just on the chemical imbalances in the brain, we are missing the huge interplay between the gut and the brain. This also dismisses the many other possible causes of mental illness. Consequently, the use of medication mostly focuses on the symptoms, not the cause, and bypasses the healing of the entire body.

Trust in ourselves

We need to trust our innate intuition and the body’s natural desire to regain balance. We should begin to move away from our current mind-set. Most people think that if we’re sick we are broken. The general thought is that we require medical intervention with drugs to heal. And don’t get me wrong, medicine is absolutely amazing in some situations, however, we should stop constantly relying on it.  Instead, we need to shift our mind-set to believe that ill health is preventable. That it is reversible. Our health is under our own control.

Above all, we need to take back ownership of our own health and stop relying on any sort of magic pill. Using a concoction of man-made chemicals to solve an illness, possibly caused by a lifetime of toxic choices, is only a bandaid solution. Living a healthy lifestyle is all the medicine we need to achieve vitalism and to prevent illness. Try nutritious food, sleep, exercise, social interaction, limited stress, limited toxin exposure, purpose, sunlight and love.

Your best healer is the one that is within, so why not start to listen to your body now. Your future self will love you for it.

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  1. This is so true Claire. The more I understand the illnes I had last year, the more I see how one problem (in the gut), misdiagnosed, led to serious systematic issues. And while medication helped to right things, the exercise and diet changes I have made are the long term cure. Only one “mainstream” doctor, a sports medicine doctor, could see this. I hope more doctors make the time to catch up with this type of research, and lead people down this path. And that lots of people read your blog and feel empowered!

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