Our human body is made up of around 70 trillion cells and 20,000 genes. Each single gene can make over 200 different proteins depending on the micro RNA that surrounds it.

Incredibly, we are made up of 10-15 times more bacteria than human cells.

We have a massive 1.5 – 2 quadrillion bacteria in us and on us.

These bacteria are extremely diverse comprising of 30,000-40,000 different species which have around 2 million genes of their own.

On top of that we have around 300,000 different species of parasites in and on us too. Most of these are NOT damaging, but actually life giving. Parasites are needed to help to regulate cellular functions. These parasites also have around 2 billion genes of their own.

There are 5 million species of fungi within us and science has not even begun to categorize the total number of viruses. However, we do know that nearly 10% of the human genome is made up of bits of virus DNA- most of which have a beneficial impact.

Our human microbiome is an amazing ecosystem!!!

There is growing scientific evidence that confirms the gut microbiome helps to improve immunity.

Hundreds of species inhabit our intestinal tract (bacteria, parasites, fungi and viruses) and the intestinal tract is our first line of defense. It plays an essential role in shaping intestinal immune responses.

Animals studies have shown that the gut microbiome is involved in the immune response during infection. Those with a depleted or damaged gut microbiome (as a result of antibiotics and other toxins) have an impaired response to viral infections and a delayed clearance.

So why are we as a human race so unhealthy?

The health of our human body relies on diversity.….

As a society we are becoming more sterile than ever and our bodies are losing this incredible protective and life-giving microbial diversity. Why?

So what can we do to heal this incredible ecosystem and to bring more life and resilience back into our bodies?

It’s actually not that hard!!

Firstly, we need to become less vulnerable by removing damaging products and foods from our lives and by getting that critical ecosystem back into our bodies. We need to;

So why not take some steps today to keep your immune system functioning well and to care for your incredible microbes.

Lowering your STRESS response and consuming a healthy and diverse DIET should be the first steps! Your body and mind will thank you for it.

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