Our brain is a muscle. Just like the other muscles in our body, it also needs to be trained to get the most out of it.

Why do we hold onto and only remember the negative experiences from our past or our current day?

Why do we easily forget the good ones?

Well, our evolutionary brain is programmed for survival. Remembering the joyful experiences won’t keep us alive and safe from any predators, right!? Our brain has been programmed to keep us alive.

In the past this was essential for the survival for the human race. But in our current modern day life, it is the very thing that is making many of us stressed out and unwell.

Positive thinking and inner calm just doesn’t happen all by itself. It needs to be practised with dedication and persistence. A daily practise needs to be sustained for our negative neural pathways in our brain to be rewired! Rewired from negativity to a place of optimism, gratitude, joy, acceptance, self-love….

There are many techniques that can be implemented throughout your day to begin this journey. This is very simple one that I love, to get you started:

At the same time everyday, write down all of the negative thoughts that you have. Calculate this number. Then multiply this number by 5. Now write down this amount in positive thoughts and things that are good in your life. The bigger this list of positivity is, the more profound changes you will experience over time. Aim for a ratio of 5 to 1 or more!

Negative thoughts cause our brain and body to release cortisol, a stress chemical. Long term  exposure to cortisol is extremely toxic to our biochemistry. However, when we focus on positivity, it not only rewires our brain, but also shifts our body into a state of calm, rest and digest. A mode that allows our body to perform all of the functions that it needs to in order to stay well and heal.

If you practice this technique daily for 3 weeks, I promise you will experience some kind of magic unfold.

Wishing you joy, Nourishing Me x