Hi, I’m Claire.  I’m a Functional Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Coach. I’m also a Stool Analyst, Intimate Ecologist, Root Cause Protocol, Nutrigenomics and Neuro-wisdom Practitioner.  I’m passionate about helping people uncover the root cause of their illness, take back control of their health and live a life of vitality. 

Chronic disease in our society is on the rise. From food allergies, behavioural problems and mental illness through to diabetes and obesity; the way our food is grown and processed and the toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis is shocking. As a result our gut microbiome, our immune systems and our brains are compromised, leaving us severely nutrient deficient, inflamed and unwell.  I believe in the use of fresh whole foods, getting back into the kitchen and implementing lifestyle choices to assist healing.

I can relate to the daily struggle of feeding your family a nutritious diet.  In our busy modern lives, with the constant access to nutrient devoid packaged food items, it can be extremely difficult to resist the easy options. Many people feel overwhelmed and give up because it’s all just too hard.

At Nourishing Me, I will educate you in a ‘hands on’ manner on how to truly listen to your body, the foods that will heal, the foods that harm and how to modify your lifestyle to suit your particular goals.

After all, what’s more important than your health and that of your family!

Heal the Food, Heal the Gut, Heal the Mind..... Heal the Body

Heal the Food,
Heal the Gut,
Heal the Mind...
Heal the Body

My journey to where I am today has taken me on a long and bumpy road.  I’ve definitely had my own health battles along the way.  Overcoming these adversities has given me the knowledge and the drive to now help others live fuller, healthier lives. Read more of my story below.

“My mission is to make your journey to wellness easier.  I’ll provide ongoing support to empower the achievement of optimal health and happiness”


“It is our empowered, divine honour to be in the kitchen, to feed our family, to heal a nation.”
Cyndi O’Meara

The food that we eat can either harm us or nourish us. We need to go back to basics and begin to eat more like our ancestors once did. At Nourishing Me, we can show you what it truly means to eat well.

If you are on a healing journey and need specific assistance in implementing a dietary protocol, we can help you


“You can get the highest quality sleep by keeping your sleep cycles in tune with the rhythms of the universe (known as circadian rhythms).”
Deepak Chopra

In an extremely busy society full of many pressures, it’s easy to lose touch with your body’s needs. At Nourishing Me we believe in incorporating positive lifestyle hacks into your day to help you live a more balanced lifestyle. Without extra stress!


Self-care is not selfish- it is essential’
Kim Morrison

In order for us to become the best version of ourselves, we must move into a space of self-belief and first and foremost care for yourself. This will then have a ripple effect on those around you, especially your family.Nourishing Me can teach you how to create daily rituals and routines to create a positive day; physically, mentally and emotionally.


‘Lulled by the soft shell and the hidden persuader, the average citizen is seldom aware of the deadly materials with which he is surrounding himself.’
Rachel Carson

The food that you ingest, the air you breathe, the water you drink, the substances you put on your skin and the products we clean with, can contain a cocktail of toxic chemicals. Short term habits and ingestion of toxins can go unnoticed, however long-term accumulation can cause serious health consequences.At Nourishing Me we will educate you on the toxins around you and in your homes and give you recommendations to lessen your toxic load and move forward with greater awareness.


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