My Story

My Story

Hi, I’m Claire. I’m a Functional Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Coach, Stool Analyst, Root Cause Protocol and Nutrigenomics Practitioner and I’m passionate about all things health and wellness.

I was blessed to have grown up on a farm eating fresh produce and home cooked meals and I was taught how to cook from a very young age. I had an active childhood, spending most of my time outdoors. Yoga has also been a huge part of my life and I have trained and practiced in Australia, Europe, America and India. Having a particular affinity with nature, I try to lead a very simple, organic, low-tox life, with minimal impact on our environment.

However, just like many of you, I was once on a huge journey in the search to better nourish both myself and my family. My ultimate goal was to find a way to heal my chronically ill daughter.

Years ago my world fell apart. My daughter was born extremely premature and was extremely ill. She suffered chronic diarrhoea, multiple food allergies, heavy metal toxicity, fungal overgrowth, parasite and bacterial infections, mitochondrial dysfunction, nutrient deficiencies, failure to thrive, poor growth and a possible diagnosis of Autism. For nearly two years she was skin and bones, she had no energy to even stand up, she cried all day and needed to be in my arms day in, day out. Daily we lived with the fear of losing our child.

I travelled the country to see professionals, attended conferences and spoke to specialists from around the world.

Being sent home with specific dietary protocols, I was incredibly overwhelmed. I didn’t have anyone to show me the ropes and make things clear and easy to implement. I had no one to hold my hand through the ups and downs.  No one to help me source and create everything that was required to make the changes I desperately needed for my daughter’s health.

This is when I began my studies. I delved deeply into the literature and implemented everything that I learnt along this journey. My commitment was next to none.

My complete dedication and  focus towards finding answers and caring for my daughter soon caught up with me… My personal health crashed.  I was exhausted, sleep deprived, stressed and my self-care didn’t exist. This was a big “ah ha” moment for me. I realised that if I didn’t find the time to also care for myself, I wouldn’t be the best mother I so desperately needed to be.

I previously thought I led a very healthy lifestyle and I classed myself as being super healthy.  However, this view of my diet and lifestyle was completely flipped upside down after I had to take a look at my life under a microscope. I discovered I wasn’t as healthy as I thought – not even close. After implementing changes in our lives, not only did my health improve tenfold, but so did the health of my family.

During my studies, I learned some shocking truths about the foods we eat and the huge importance of our gut microbiome. I also became aware of environmental exposures, emotional toxins, the importance of sleep, exercise and self-care and having a supportive community.

After 2 years of searching, we finally had a major break through. We discovered the root cause of her illness……with continued support she then began to grow, she gained energy and her stools normalised.  Everything I was doing was  paying off.  Her health just continued to improve. It was an incredible turn around.

Fast forward…. We now have the most vibrant, energetic and healthy little girl. I believe if it wasn’t for the way I nourished her body day in and day out and if I hadn’t discovered the very cause of her illness, this story would have ended very differently.

After being on this journey, I now wholeheartedly believe in the power of food.  Your environment, your nutrient status, your gut microbiome, stress and the toxins you are exposed to on a daily basis all also have a huge impact on your health.  If the body is given what it needs, it WILL truly flourish.  It’s what it is programmed to do!

I can’t wait to share this knowledge with you!


Claire xx