Are disinfectants and hand sanitisers safe for you?

Do you carry antibacterial hand wipes and gels for you and your family?

Do you think they will stop you from getting sick?

Using hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes is quite a common practice in many peoples lives.

Did you know that sanitising products are full of nasty chemicals? The most frequently used chemicals are quaternary ammonium compounds, alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride, triclosan, triclocarban and benzalkonium chloride. Many products also contain preservatives; parabens, formaldehyde and MI/MCI, (Methylchloroisothiazolinone).

These chemicals have been defined as asthmagens, meaning that they can trigger an asthmatic response when used.

Animal studies have shown that triclosan has the ability to alter the way hormones function within the body, acting as an endocrine disruptor.

Studies are also now questioning whether antimicrobials are a big contributing factor in encouraging the growth of antibiotic-resistant super bugs.

Thankfully the FDA has banned soap products containing certain active ingredients — including triclosan, used in liquid soaps, and triclocarban, used in soap bars. Unfortunately they are still sold in Australia.

Sanitizers may kill off the bad bacteria on your skin, but they also kill off the ‘good’ bacteria. Our body is made up of millions of beneficial microbes. Our skin even has it’s own unique microbiome. This skin microbiome play’s a major role in protecting our body from foreign organisms.

Killing off these beneficial flora is very counterproductive for your health and the functioning of your immune system!

According to the FDA, there isn’t enough evidence to even prove that these hand sanitizers are any more beneficial in preventing illness than washing your hands with plain soup. Don’t get me wrong, hand hygiene is important, but there is a better and safer option. Washing your hands is simple, it won’t harm you and it works!

I have only listed some of the many health consequences that can result from the use of these toxic chemical compounds, there are many many more!

So, when doing your shopping, read the labels. Anti-microbial compounds are not only found in hand sanitisers, but also in toothpaste, soaps, face wash, shower gel, and various other cosmetics.

Knowledge is power!

Know what you are buying and the effects it may have for both you and your family’s health.

Stay well x