May 2019

Are you time poor and need a filling, nutritious, energy boost? Well, this magnesium rich, high fiber, green smoothie is the perfect solution. Why not even make it up for your kids afternoon tea. It's a beautiful treat to nourish their

With the current disease statistics rapidly on the rise, people are desperate for answers! Have you ever considered the fact that the most essential element for your health, the water you drink and bathe in, may just be your biggest problem!? Without water there

When the cold weather hits I instantly start craving warm comfort foods. This recipe is one that I cook continuously throughout the winter months. It's a soup for the soul. Getting into the kitchen and cooking your own food is the

With a cold snap on it’s way this week in Victoria and winter fast approaching, it is time to put in some extra supports to keep both ourselves and our families healthy. When we are nourishing our bodies with all of

How many different whole foods do you eat each week? Does your breakfast, lunch and dinner look the same most days? Toast for breakfast, coffee and cake, sandwich for lunch, pasta for dinner….. Some of us are great at selecting different whole

Did you know that flame retardants are used in pajamas, mattresses, foam pillows, cushions, hair dryers, carpets and other appliances. Considering that we spend half of our life sleeping, isn’t it a bit concerning that many of the items that

Parties may be a challenging time for children and adults who are wheat free, dairy free or have other food intolerance's. It's also a challenging time for mothers who try hard to avoid their children eating sugar and

When your kids finish dinner, do they always say “I’m still hungry”? This happens daily in our household even if eating everything on their plate took an eternity! I’m always prepared with frozen bananas (peeled and wrapped in baking

I have played around with pastry recipes for a very long time. YEARS in fact! During this time I am yet to find a wheat free pastry on the market that isn't full of preservative, additives and toxic

Ghee has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine as a healing food-  for wound healing, aiding digestion, assisting with the absorption of nutrients and to reduce inflammation in the body. It's simply made from butter that is cooked at a very

This is a perfect morning or afternoon tea snack. Fill a platter with vegetables, crackers and this dip and everyone will be happy (and have glowing red smiles). Cooked and cooled chickpeas are extremely high in Galactooligosaccharides (GOS). This is

This recipe isn't fancy. You will find most ingredients in your pantry. It's very simple and best of all it never fails to please. Each week without at doubt I bake this oat slice for the kids lunchboxes. But it