Freedom begins in the moments we feel triggered or threatened, yet we are able to withdraw from our stress response. It happens when we have the ability to create space to observe rather than react; this is where the real

Being within a community heals all wounds. Without this in our lives we suffer both emotionally and physically. All of us need connection, support and a sense of belonging. We need to be around people that truly see us, allow

Are you consuming enough protein on a daily basis? Protein intake is essential for the functioning of your cells and tissues. Ongoing low protein intake can result in: Muscle weaknessFatigueSlow exercise recoveryMuscle wastagePoor hormone and enzyme production Protein needs to be consumed in

This is a very quick and easy dinner that shall please even the fussiest of kids. It's a spin on an old take-away favorite of mine, the Indian Butter Chicken. Even thought it tasted delicious, unfortunately this dish never agreed

These little creatures, are such a prized food around the globe and for good reason. They are such a nutrient powerhouse. Oysters are mother natures best source of the trace mineral ZINC and many other nutrients. Unlike the zinc found in grains

Neuroscience now shows that even if we are slightly stressed, our brains ability to function optimally is significantly reduced. We have an impaired ability to take in new information. This has been proven right down to the neuron level. So often

No one can make you think or feel anything. What did you say? Yes, you are in complete control of your mind; your thoughts, your feelings and your beliefs, therefore you always have a CHOICE. In each and every situation your

Do you jump out of bed each day, take a supplement and think this is the key to keeping you healthy? Do you take a supplement to correct your poor eating habits, chronic stress and lifestyle choices? Have you ever stopped to

These worms are called Enterobius Vermicularis, also known as threadworm, pinworm or seatworm. They are the most common worms affecting humans in our developed countries. They look like short little pieces of white cotton thread. This is how they got their

Yesterday before lock down set in here in Victoria, my family and I enjoyed a surf and picnic lunch on the beach in the divine sunshine. What an incredible winter we have had, full of so many sunny warm days. This

Sadly, many of us have grown up to believe the limiting thoughts and stories we create in our MINDS. These thoughts are generally based on FEAR. We just weren’t taught at school that the majority of our thoughts are untrue, and

I am yet to find anyone that doesn't like chocolate!! Not only is it delicious, but it's also packed with nutritional goodness. It contains powerful compounds that are mood enhancing. Some of these compounds are: Magnesium the mineral that enhances feelings of