Is your water really drinkable?

With the current disease statistics rapidly on the rise, people are desperate for answers!

Have you ever considered the fact that the most essential element for your health, the water you drink and bathe in, may just be your biggest problem!?

Without water there would not be life. Our body relies on water for many physiological functions……. However, if your water is toxic or of poor quality then it may just be the thing that is harming you.

Sadly many water supplies around the world are now chock full of pollutants and toxins!

Our water supplies have become a repository for toxic waste. Heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers are coming from agriculture run-off, going into the environment which then seep into our water supply…. Not to mention illegally dumped industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals accumulating in our water supply too.

Tap water may be tested in the site of catchment and ‘deemed’ safe. Unfortunately, our testing standards do not reveal the chemicals used to purify the water, the many contaminants that aren’t actually being tested for, the level of toxins that are being classed as safe for consumption (contrary to many scientific studies) and the 100’s of km’s your water may have to travel (via pipes) to reach your home.

This quote from the Environmental Working Group sums up our water supply perfectly. “Drinking water standards and other environmental regulations are too often based on political and economic compromises aimed at keeping treatment costs down. But what would these standards look like if the public interest came first?”

Your tap water may look clean, but it actually contains numerous dangerous chemicals:

* chlorine


* agricultural pollutants (pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, including glyphosate)

* pharmaceuticals



*heavy metals

*radioactive elements.

Filtering your water is, therefore, a prerequisite for creating optimal health.

There are so many filters on the market, that the choice can be overwhelming. Choosing a filter also depends on your budget, if you want one for the whole house, under the sink or a bench top filter.

Therefore, the first step in choosing the correct water filter for you home would be to test your water and see what contaminants it contains.

Australians this is a good DIY test to use:

For those in America here is one too:

Once you know what contaminants are contained in your water, you can then research and find a filter to support your filtering needs and your living situation.

Test don’t guess. Stay well x