Together We Heal

Being within a community heals all wounds. Without this in our lives we suffer both emotionally and physically.

All of us need connection, support and a sense of belonging. We need to be around people that truly see us, allow us to shine, who pop us on their shoulders when we feel weak, foster feelings of safety and most of all make us feel loved.On the other hand, disconnection makes us more vulnerable and overly reactive even amidst the smaller challenges in life.

Sadly, disconnection can manifest into disease.

Our ancestors grew up in communities and tribes which were complex social groups, and some flourishing cultures around the world still live this way. Unfortunately, our human brain and spirit has not yet evolved to live in our isolated modern world. Isolation and loneliness is now an epidemic in this current pandemic. We are living in a world of social poverty.

The best predictor of your current mental health is your current connectiveness and relational health. This is strongly determined by the relational opportunities you have within your town or city and your basic capabilities you have developed to form and maintain relationships.

Six years ago when my family and I moved to a new town and went through some major life challenges; without the support of a community we all suffered greatly. The stress we endured alone effected us all both physically and mentally.

Thankfully today it is a very different story. We are blessed with layers upon layers of community around us. We have extremely deep connections which have created a resilience and an ability to glide through adversity with ease and joy.

Who is your tribe?

It may be your family or it may not be.

What little communities do you have in your life today?

How are you staying connected in the pandemic?

This is something that is really important to access in your life!

I am blessed with the most heart centered tribes, whom take joy in the joy of others and show loving compassion when those in our lives suffer.

My wish for you today is that you can find your tribe and stand together strongly connected, supporting each other in this wonderful journey of life.

Together we are healers……