Self Care

Freedom begins in the moments we feel triggered or threatened, yet we are able to withdraw from our stress response. It happens when we have the ability to create space to observe rather than react; this is where the real

Being within a community heals all wounds. Without this in our lives we suffer both emotionally and physically. All of us need connection, support and a sense of belonging. We need to be around people that truly see us, allow

These little creatures, are such a prized food around the globe and for good reason. They are such a nutrient powerhouse. Oysters are mother natures best source of the trace mineral ZINC and many other nutrients. Unlike the zinc found in grains

Sadly, many of us have grown up to believe the limiting thoughts and stories we create in our MINDS. These thoughts are generally based on FEAR. We just weren’t taught at school that the majority of our thoughts are untrue, and

Have you ever tried this delicious tropical fruit? Maybe you have spent time in Asia or you shop an your local Asian grocer and have found it there? Not only does this sweet fruit taste amazing. It's also medicinal too! The

Do you own a pet? Have you experienced their unconditional love? Do they have you wrapped around their tiny paws? Other than bringing your family so much joy, owning a pet has so many other health benefits both physically and emotionally. A 2015

It's school holiday time and today the kids and I were fortunate enough to get amongst nature and catch up with some very special friends . These are two of my favourite things. Everyone needs to spend time with friends

Our gut is now being termed the second brain. Our ‘gut feelings’ are not just a myth, but a scientific phenomenon. What’s going on in your gut has been shown to affect your brain. What’s going on in your brain