You can train your brain to postivity and hapiness – The secret is gratitude

In our fast paced modern society we are all chasing MORE….. We want greater success, more money, more friends, better relationships, more toys, more gadgets, another holiday, better clothes,  more ‘likes’ and we constantly feel the need to be busy. The list of wants and needs seem to be endless. We want to be MORE than we already are and we constantly feel dissatisfied.

Generally, the more we get, the more we need, in order to constantly fill that void of ‘something’ that is missing!

Our society is so full of consumerism. But why?

We can all get caught up like a mouse on the wheel, constantly chasing HAPPINESS, but never seeming to find it.

Can you relate to this?

As humans we have evolved to be programmed for survival. And thankfully our brain has played a huge role in the survival of our species. But now in this modern day and age, our innate survival mechanisms that once protected us from the constant threats are no longer required to the extent that they once were.

Thankfully, we CAN change the negative, fearful default of our brain into a more positive one. It is possible to train our brains and once again gain control of our ‘monkey’ mind. But if we aren’t careful our brain will continue to lie to us. This stops us from achieving our goals and dreams.

Just like your body, your brain needs to be exercised

With simple exercises, it’s possible to create different neural pathways and positive thought patterns within weeks. The more we activate these positive circuits, the stronger the neural pathways become (this is called neuroplasticity).  Soon POSITIVE thinking will just become habitual. Amazing isn’t it!!

So how can this be done?

One of the simplest and most effective practices we can do, is the practice of GRATITUDE. From my own experience with this, it is truly life changing.

Gratitude is the practice of acknowledging the good things in your life

Rather than daily falling into the habitual pattern of reflecting on the things that went wrong in your day, you need to consciously and purposefully focus on all of the things that went well in your day and the people, events and things that you are thankful for.

You can write a journal in the morning or at night before bed. You can set a reminder on your phone every hour to stop and reflect, you can make it a dinner ritual with your family to reflect, you can do positive hypnotherapy…… You can do all of the above. But the secret is consistency. You need to practice gratitude every day.

Within weeks, I promise you will feel happier, your stress response will be lower, your mood will improve, you will have greater self-satisfaction, more empathy, better relationships and you will feel more happiness in your day to day life than ever before.

But, don’t trust me, give it a try for yourself.

Much happiness, Claire