Do you still buy or use plastic water bottles?

Most plastic bottles are made from BPA. When this chemical is consumed and absorbed into the body it is harmful to your endocrine system. 

BPA acts as an xenoestrogen (something that imitates estrogen in the body). And sadly it is linked to many conditions including; early puberty, cancer and metabolic disorders. It hasn’t been termed an ‘obesogen’ for nothing….. Studies have shown it is now even linked to weight gain and obesity.

 If your plastic bottle is placed in the sun or in the freezer, the amount of plastic that leaches into your drinking water increases!

If something is BPA -free, generally that means that it is made with another toxic plastic. Don’t be fooled, it is possibly more toxic!

The worst part of plastic bottle use is the fact that it takes centuries to break down. Their use is not only harming human health, but injuring marine life and building up in our oceans, streams and landfills. It’s now time to stop using them.

So, go and buy yourself a stainless steel or glass bottle. Fill it up and carry it with you everywhere you go. This will not only improve your health, but also the health of the planet.

There is really no excuse!