What Supplements Should I Take?

This question has been asked of me, god knows how many times this year!

But unfortunately, when I hear this statement it is usually the unconscious expression for, “I am in fear. I don’t want to change anything in my diet and lifestyle. I don’t want to do any self-reflection. I just want a quick fix!”

And yes, sometimes a quick fix may be necessary when we are faced with a health crisis, but hopefully this blog gives you back some empowerment and allows you to delve into some of the reasons why you may be dealing with a health crisis now or possibly in the future.

We cannot find a strong immune system, a resilient body and good health in a bottle of pills or a medicine. WE are far more complex and powerful physically, mentally and emotionally than we ever give ourselves credit for.

When we get sick, if our body is well resourced, sickness becomes a cleansing, detoxifying, healing and spiritual process. It is nothing to fear.

However, if we are getting sick often and are not bouncing back quickly when we do get sick, then this is a clue that something is off! And on the flip side, if you never get sick and don’t have the opportunity to cleanse and heal then this is also an issue in itself.

There are some supplements/medicines that can help us to support ourselves during healing (sickness). They can be useful to EASE the process and give us some relief. But the body is so wise and at some point it must be allowed to do what it needs to do to fully heal without interruption. Otherwise it will just continue to attempt to do this over and over again until we surrender.

So today here are some simple home truths that I have learnt through my healing journey that will hopefully help you to self-reflect and take back some ownership of your health…..

90% of the supplements on the market are actually harmful to your body. You just need to look into the way they are created and how they interact within the body to see this. And yes this is a blanket statement  (there are some good high quality food based supplements on the market that I do trust), but for most I would suggest you just bin that highly processed synthetic multi-vitamin that you religiously take day in and day out.

As an example; you can get all the vitamin D we require from exposure to unfiltered sunlight daily, eating ocean caught seafood, having adequate levels of magnesium (helps with the conversion of vitamin D in the liver) and eating organic grass-fed fats in our diet. Consuming a synthetic vitamin D supplement day in and day out is extremely toxic to the liver and other processes within the body. Long term use will result in the manifestation of OTHER symptoms in your body. It just simply isn’t the answer.

We are so very blessed with access to such a wide variety of foods in our country. Some dietary changes sometimes can be all one needs to get all of the nutrients that your body requires.

I certainly don’t send my clients away with a bag full of synthetic supplements to fix all of their problems!

The same principals apply also to our children. If at the first sign of illness or an ache or pain and we douse them in toxic Panadol (or other medicines), this will suppress the healing process. If we continually do this, toxicity will accumulate in their body and this will eventually transcend into dis-ease.

We also can’t run away from our past. Our past traumas, toxin exposure, toxic relationships, a processed/deficient diet, physical and emotional stress all imprint our body. Our body has a memory and it stores all of these toxins if we hold onto them. If we don’t deal with these toxins, they will accumulate and manifest into sickness.

Sickness is the way our body detoxifies, repairs and lets go of past trauma in order to self heal. Sickness if understood properly is actually a gift, only if we haven’t let toxins build up over a lifetime of suppression and repression

When we are sick, we need to fully embrace and embody the healing crisis with gratitude and sovereignty. We need to allow this process to happen fully before we can birth better health.

If we don’t and we suppress this process, it will continue to happen on repeat until we are finally willing to take ownership of our past mistakes or remain terribly ill.

And we can’t blame anyone else for our health, our choices and our engagement in this world. We need to take full ownership and look ourselves in the mirror and reflect on our past and what no longer serves us. The only enemy at the gate is ourself! No one forced us to consume crap food, be in a state of fear and swallow pharmaceuticals. This happened all by our consent.

We need to be empowered and take back ownership of our health and our life. Look at the thoughts we think, the activities we engage in, the news we are consuming, our stress, the fun and laughter we have daily, the food we eat, what we drink, how we breathe or don’t breathe correctly, our exposure to sunlight, our sleep, how we move our body and our connection to our soul.

So many of us are so scared of sickness that fear begins stripping us of our health and our engagement in life. We have no joy left and are stuck in a state of continual dis-empowerment. This just isn’t what life is about!

What changes can you make to step out of this fearful state? What can you do today to feel more empowered? It is all a choice…

You are YOUR best teacher and healer. Relying on someone and something else to heal you just aint going to cut it. If someone tells you they can, then this is also an issue. Trust me, you should run for the hills!

We are all so unique and different and the only way to heal is to deeply listen to ourselves.

Strip back your life and take a good look at what you need to remove from your life and what positive changes you need to make to reclaim yourself. Good health and happiness is your birth right. Why not choose to live life to your fullest capacity and move through each day with ease, not dis-ease.

Much love x