jellies – the sweets of choice

Jellies are such a fun and tasty addition to any birthday party, snack plate or school lunch box. They are such a beautiful replacement for the many lollies ladened with horrible ingredients such as; genetically modified glucose syrup, colours, additives and preservatives. 

Did you know that a child’s aggression, hyperactivity, learning problems and nasty behaviour could be linked to the food that they are consuming?

Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you suffer from candida?

Then these beautiful jellies may just be the solution you need to help you kick that sugar addiction….

I make my jellies using this organic Gelatin, because it’s free from any nasties! It is also an amino acid power house and a great source of protein for growing kids or fussy eaters. It is also fantastic for adults too! Consuming Gelatin has many amazing health benefits for everyone. Our ancestors use to eat their food from ‘nose to tail’ which allowed them to get all of the vital nutrients they needed for optimum health. Our modern day eating practises don’t allow for this kind of eating. So adding gelatin into your diet can have added benefits to keep you thriving.

Benefits of Gelatin

  • Gelatin is an anti-aging secret weapon. It’s a great source of collagen, which will help to protect and keep your skin healthy and radiant.
  • Contains calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. These keep teeth, hair and nails strong.
  • It also contains high levels of glycine, which helps the body to produce glutathione which is the major antioxidant for detoxification. Glutathione helps to detoxify our bodies of toxins and excess estrogen.
  • It is effective in reducing the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Hence, supplementation of gelatin can result in less inflammation, joint pain and more rapid recovery.
  • It’s amazing for the digestive tract because it assists in healing the mucous membranes (the lining of the gut).        
  • Assists in speeding up wound healing.
  • It’s a mood enhancer.
  • Helps to improve sleep.
  • Can increase bone mineral density.
  • Can help to boost your immune system. 70-80% of your immune system cells are located in your gut. So if your gut is in good shape (not leaky and inflamed), this can help to optimise your immune health too.
  • Extremely anti-inflammatory
  • Also helps to control hunger and make you  feel more satiated following a meal.

Give these Jellies a go! If you don’t have jelly moulds, don’t worry, just pour the mixture into a glass container and once set slice them with a knife. Be creative and use different fruits/juices to suit your liking. Your tummy will smile and your skin will glow as a result of eating these 😊

Yummy Jellys

Prep Time: 10 minutes
A healthy alternative to processed Jelly Snakes
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  • 1 cup blueberries
  • 1 cup raspberries
  • 2 cups coconut water
  • 3 tbsp gelatin


  • Place gelatin and ½ cup of coconut water into a bowl and let it sit for a few minutes to bloom
  • In a food processor blend the remaining coconut water and berries
  • Put all ingredients into a saucepan and heat on low temperature, stirring continuously
  • Once the gelatin is combined, pour into jelly moulds
  • Set in the fridge