When the heat wave hits, these are the perfect treat to create for your kids following a long day at the beach or pool. They are dairy and sugar free. They aren’t going to give your kids a crazy sugar

So delicious as a treat on a hot day, in a lunch box or for a healthy afternoon tea. Best of all its full of healthy fats and is sugar free. Enjoy! Apricot Squares 1 cup activated almonds1/2 cup sesame seeds1

I am yet to find anyone that doesn't like chocolate!! Not only is it delicious, but it's also packed with nutritional goodness. It contains powerful compounds that are mood enhancing. Some of these compounds are: Magnesium the mineral that enhances feelings of

These marshmallows were a great success! My children described their eating experience 'like chewing sweet fluffy clouds'. We could all do with that kind of taste sensation every once in a while, couldn't we?! Conventional marshmallow's are made from primarily sugar,

These divine chocolate muffins are both gluten and sugar free. They are so moist and fluffy and taste delicious! I guarantee that even the fussiest of eaters will enjoy these. I make these in my thermomix, but they can easily

This is such a simple recipe! These yummy muesli bars are such a great addition to any child's 'packet free' school lunch box. Unlike store bought muesli muesli bars, they are free from: wheat, sugar, hydrogenated oils, preservatives or anything

Nori is a type of seaweed (algae) that grows in the ocean. It is a nutrient rich food source containing many vitamins, minerals and plant chemicals that are beneficial for both sea life and humans. Nori is a rich source of iodine and

It's school holidays here in Torquay and the weather is finally beginning to warm up. Hooray! Today the kids and I created a raw, vegan, paleo, healthy ice-cream sandwich for us to enjoy in the beautiful sunshine. Do you remember eating ice-cream

One of the easiest on the go snack options. Paleo egg muffins, otherwise know as ‘Eggins.’ Eat warm or pop them into your lunch box the following day. Eggins An easy snack for hungry kids! 2 cups Chopped vegetables of