In our busy modern day lives, the time for reflection is so very important. In order to move forward and to continue to better ourselves, we need to take time to reflect on our actions and events. In our fast past lives we are so goal orientated. We focus so much on how to conquer tomorrow and how we are going to achieve our goals, without reflecting on the day that has been. Social media and a world full of technological distractions often fill the void that reflection once held. So what do you do that allows you time for this mindset and time for reflection? Is it going for a walk, taking a relaxation bath, sitting around the camp fire, playing music, being artistic, cooking, reading or even journaling. Alone time and time in our thoughts is something to embrace and something we need to instil in our children too. It helps us to check that we are going in the right direction, to gain clarity and to shape our future towards our goals and dreams.