What toxins are you sleeping with?

Did you know that flame retardants are used in pajamas, mattresses, foam pillows, cushions, hair dryers, carpets and other appliances.

Considering that we spend half of our life sleeping, isn’t it a bit concerning that many of the items that we sleep with are full of toxic chemicals?

Product safety regulations require sleepwear to pass certain fire safety tests to be fit for sale. However, there aren’t any testing and safety standards for the chemicals used on these garments that make them fire safe. WOW!

The various chemicals used as flame retardants are: halogenated hydrocarbons (chlorine, bromine), antimony oxides, phosphate based compounds and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE).

These chemicals can cause problems. Anything as little as skin irritation and coughing, through to liver, thyroid and nervous system development issues. These toxins accumulate in our blood, our fat stores and even in breastmilk!

The biggest issue comes when our babies are exposed to these toxins.

Their bodies just aren’t equipped to detoxify as well as a child or even better an adult.

It’s a great idea to buy organic mattresses, bedding and sleepwear, where possible, especially for babies.

Knowledge is power. Stay well x