Sadly, many of us have grown up to believe the limiting thoughts and stories we create in our MINDS. These thoughts are generally based on FEAR.

We just weren’t taught at school that the majority of our thoughts are untrue, and are only programmed  from our past experiences.

Most of our thoughts are created during our early life experiences, mostly between the ages of 0 to 7. These are created through the filters and programming of our subconscious mind. The majority of these thoughts are limiting and self-sabotaging, and are created by our survival instincts and ego.

Approximately 96% of what we do each day is done by our subconscious mind. That means that the majority of our actions are done habitually, without any ‘conscious’ thinking.

Unfortunately, if we continue to think the same way every day, and have the same negative feelings and emotions, we will continue to loop through life with the same outcomes. This will leave us with an ongoing activated stress response, resulting in: depression, anxiety, fatigue, blame, loneliness, anger hormonal imbalances, ill health and so much more.

With the current world ‘pandemic’ and all of the fear-based media surrounding us daily, fear-based thoughts become so powerful they can begin to take a great HOLD over us both emotional and physically!  

What we focus our attention on daily, just GROWS………

Watching the news, scrolling through Facebook stories, even talking with negative others; subconsciously trains our brain to believe deeply whatever narrative that we are reading and are exposing ourselves to. This can then embed into your mind feelings of helplessness, loss of control, loneliness, limitation, depression, illness and fear, just to name a few.

If your parents screamed at you as a child when you are about to cross the road unsafely, your mind doesn’t say, “gee my mum is fearful.” No way, it tells you something like “I am naughty, I failed, I’m unworthy and  unlovable.”

If the moment that you get a cold and your parents rushed you to the doctor, you don’t tell yourself “gee my body is incredible and resilient and I will recover quickly with an even greater immune system.” No! Quite the opposite happens….your programming will begin to tell you that you’re weak and aren’t capable of fighting off illness and need to rely on a doctor to stay well.

It’s not the fault of your mother, she would never intentionally want you to feel this way. But it is the brains survival programming and ego that creates these thoughts.  

If these or similar experiences are repeated, they are then imprinted into your subconscious mind and will continue to show up in all areas of your life. We can be completely unaware of these, they will just show up in our actions and reactions.  

Unless we decide to do the brave work and unpack what is truly going on in our mind, life may never be fully joyous, fulfilling and peaceful. We will always be searching for more or blaming others.

In order to overcome our limiting beliefs, we need to first recognise the thoughts that are being created, then forgive ourselves for believing such rubbish. The next step is to begin to rewire your brain; to create a new vision and a new program for the mind. This simple process is truly is life changing. I can certainly speak from experience.

We can go on holidays, buy a new car, get some new clothes and feel happy for a brief moment. Then our old programming jumps back in and takes us back to our safe programmed limiting thoughts and beliefs. This just leaves us wanting more and more, to stop us from feeling. Possibly resulting in addiction (to exercise, shopping, alcohol, being with people, etc.).

Perfect health and life satisfaction begins and ends in the MIND. Therefore, you need to take radical responsibility for what you are focusing on and only allow feelings of joy and peace to travel through it. Draw a line in the sand today and begin daily work to make change possible. Awareness is the key.

The truth is, we do not need anything more in our lives than what’s WITHIN us already. Pure love, peace and joy comes from within and is your birthright. You just need to know how to tap into it.

Your amazing super power is that daily you can CHOOSE what you focus your mind on. You can train your brain and shut down thoughts that do not serve you, and create new ones that only promote feelings of love, confidence and joy and as a result promote good HEALTH.

Constantly reliving feelings of fear, or limiting beliefs, do not serve you. They also don’t serve the planet, or humanity as a whole.

Start today by choosing to make a commitment to living a life of freedom; freedom from your ‘monkey’ mind. Think about what you would like to fill your mind with daily.

I choose pure joy; what more could anyone ask for?


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