Neuroscience now shows that even if we are slightly stressed, our brains ability to function optimally is significantly reduced. We have an impaired ability to take in new information. This has been proven right down to the neuron level.

So often my clients confess their poor ability to retain information and that they are constantly walking around with brain fog.

A healthy brain has billions of neurons reaching out and connecting with each other. Our neurons are our brain’s information messengers as they transmit information between areas of the brain, and between the brain and the nervous system. A stressed out brain does not do this. Instead it becomes disconnected and the neurons become isolated. This is then reflected in our behaviour too. By being stressed out, we are actually injuring our brain.

We have grown up to believe that YAWING loud and proud is rude. It’s time to break free from this belief and I will tell you why…

Yawing is a super power of yours and you need to learn to use it to your advantage.

When we yawn cerebal blood flow increases, the brain is cooled and many neurochemicals get released and flood your brain. These activities enhance:

·         Your motivation

·         Memory

·         Alertness

·         Brain activity

·         Ability to concentrate

·         Awareness

·         And best of all it’s the fastest proven way to lower mental anxiety and lower your mental stress.

Completely eliminating stress in our life is impossible. However, it is possible to change your mindset and use strategies to turn down our stress response quickly.

Why not now try a mindful yawn right now!! Even better yawn 10 times in a row and do it throughout the day.

Much love,

Claire x

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