Salt- friend or foe?

Natural salt is essential for life, however, the processed salt consumed by the masses is poisonous to our body!

Salt has been consumed throughout the evolution of man

Salt contains essential minerals that our bodies rely on.  Throughout history it was considered a sacred substance; it was used as currency, for preserving food, to maintain health and as an anti-septic agent for treating infections. 

Salt is also found everywhere in nature. It makes up 90% of the ocean minerals. It is found in our blood, in rain, in the earth, and in animals.   Amazingly, salt contains anywhere between 60-84 trace minerals. Real salt contains sodium chloride balanced with other trace minerals and elements (potassium, manganese, zinc, magnesium, copper and calcium). It is this unique combination that allows it to serve a health promoting role in our body, and in nature.

Salt has many essential roles in our body including:  

  • regulating nerve impulses,
  • maintaining blood pressure,
  • assisting with digestion (increases stomach acid through the production of hydrochloric acid),
  • maintaining electrolyte balance,
  • helping fight off pathogens in our body (fungus, viruses and bacteria),
  • alkalizing
  • It also helps us to regulate our body temperature (we sweat out salt and water).


Unfortunately, not all salt is created equal.  Our common table salt is a highly processed, highly refined substance. It’s produced using high temperatures (this alters it’s natural structure), it’s bleached and treated with chemicals (this removes the health giving trace minerals), then anti-caking and other agents are added to make sure it pours out easily, remains stable on the shelf and doesn’t clump up. This results in perfectly white, smooth, toxin-filled, sodium chloride that our body has trouble metabolizing.

So there’s no wonder many mainstream health professionals recommend a low salt diet…..


Table salt causes high blood pressure and fluid retention. It makes the body acidic and upsets the homeostasis of the body. The high sodium content combined with the absence of magnesium results in greater mineral imbalances in the body. The added chemicals in the manufacturing process also cause many health problems.


Changing the salt that you use for cooking and seasoning is the first step you can take to limit this common table salt from your diet. Buy rock salt or sea salt from your health food store.

Refined salt is also found in most processed and packaged supermarket foods. Maybe it’s time to focus on cooking food from scratch in your home and eliminating packaged and take-away foods.

Getting into the kitchen and cooking your own food is the best thing you can do for your family’s health and it’s such a privilege too. Stay well x

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