Talk less. Listen more. Be curious. Give love.

Everyone of us has a different point of view or different perspective when it comes to the happenings in our lives and all that is around us. These differing opinions often create conflict and separation in our society. It has done since the dawn of time.

Instead of judging others opinions or beliefs, why not listen with curiosity. Why not abstain from argumentation and pivot to a place of compassion. Dive into meaningful conversations with an open mind. Ask yourself if you could possibly see things differently. Ask questions and show respect for another’s point of view.

After all, there is no right or wrong. Right or wrong is only a belief that we have created around a situation.This brings about a story of emotions in our mind.

Ask yourself….Does this story disrupt my peace or bring me harmony? Can I let this go and choose to focus my attention somewhere else?

There are very few things that we can control in this beautiful life of ours. Trying to control our external world will only bring us pain and suffering. We can’t control actions of others. Neither can we control how someone will respond to our actions.

This doesn’t mean stop doing anything. It simply means showing up in life without judgement, fear, guilt, hate, blame or suffering. When these heavy emotions are removed we can function with so much more clarity and wisdom.

The only things we can control are our thoughts and behaviours. So focus on doing a damm good job of these instead. This is where the real joy lies. This being said, it does take dedication and persistence to undo habitual thought patterns and habits.

When you feel rattled, bring your focus inward and be the observer of your mind. Watch your thoughts and see them for what they truly are; only thoughts. Meditation is a very good tool to assist you in this process.

This is a practice that needs to be cultivated and practiced time and time again with self-love and self inquiry. Self-love is so important, especially for the times that we slip up and get hijacked back into our story.

If you limit your attention to the very things you can control; your thoughts and behaviors, this will bring you the gift of peace of mind. Freedom of mind is where true happiness exists.

Talk less. Listen more. Be curious. Give love.